Welcome to TK China

TK China is a new company whose goal is to introduce a range of services providing a response to the specific needs and challenges China and its population face today.



With over 35 years of experience in IP development and protection, TK China focuses on the management, protection, enhancement, and sharing of professional data.

The target markets are:

  • Financial transactions.
  • The management of health data.
  • Retail transactions, particularly those dedicated to e-commerce.
  • Data management and flow in the area of autonomous villages and housing.
  • The management related to public events such as sporting events data.

Based on a proprietary white label platform, TK China provides interactive tools to optimize existing solutions within the targeted markets, dedicated to the needs of various chinese environments.

TK China provides, via license, comprehensive solutions for the financial, health, retail, events and self-sufficient markets.

TK China, in essence, has the ability to adapt to any environment as well as being able to integrate different systems and technologies to provide unique services in various fields.

TK China Inc.



TK China builds specific offers, packaged and customized according to various markets’ needs, size, capacities as well as the advancement of their established infrastructures.

TK Financial

TK Financial is a platform for the secure exchange of money, accessible to all.

TK Financial allows anyone, banked or non-banked, to exchange money universally and have access to a secure supply of financial services compatible with all circulated currency.

TK Financial is "for and by banks", providing financial institutions with a white label platform that is accessible via a variety of devices.

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TK China Inc.

TK Events

TK Events uses proprietary technologies to supply a comprehensive package of events management support services.

TK Events develops customized services and solutions for all stakeholders’ profiles, including both upstream vision (for organizers) and downstream vision (for attendees) for Sport and Event.

The platform offers event support before, during and after the event and is designed to help manage registration, sponsorship, virtual advertising, social media advertising, attendee feedback, revenue simulation, real time mapping and much more.

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TK China Inc.

TK Retail

TK Retail provides a unique platform, designed to dispatch customized services, devoted to retail environments for inventory, analytics, concierge, payment and retention process and functionalities.

TK Retail provides interactive tools to empower existing retail solution to carry on selling any time for online and offline offers, addressing the needs of retail property owners in shopping centers.

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TK China Inc.

TK Health

The TK Health platform improves healthcare services by managing interactions between patients and healthcare providers, enriching medical data and providing customized support for everyone involved.

TK Health allows patients to integrate personal records and files, and connect to tracking tools for advanced health management. Diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, and most importantly, prevention steps are all managed through the platform.

TK Self Sufficient

TK Self-Sufficient provides solutions for site autonomy in energy and water providing for grid-connected and off-the-grid applications, such as residential, retail and more (health centers, emergency sites, etc).

The platform optimizes energy efficiency through tracking, monitoring solutions to conserve natural resources, generate less waste and provides healthier spaces for occupants, as compared to a conventional building.

A building is assessed based on its predicted life-cycle from inception to realization. According to environmental norms and needs, TK Self-Sufficient then provides customized solutions built to specification.

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